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Meet The Team

HG Blake employs over 50 people. As an Norfolk employer we strive to maintain a sustainable future for our employees and producers, and for the good of our local economy.


Andrew Clarke

Managing Director

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Andrew has been involved in the meat trade from an early age as his father was a prominent livestock buyer in the Norfolk area for many years.
Andrew joined HG Blake in 1987 as the manager of one of two abattoirs owned by the company. In 1997 Andrew was appointed Managing Director, and along with his team, has worked closely with the customers and producers to source and sell a product of high quality to each individuals specifications. Andrew actively encourages customers and suppliers to visit the plant to show them how the company operates.
Alongside running the company Andrew has pedigree herd of Simmental cattle and blue Texel sheep.

In addition to managing HG Blake, and it’s 50 staff, Andrew runs a small family farm breeding pedigree Simmental cattle and blue Texel sheep, and two butchers shops.


Robert Hall

Operations Manager

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Robert entered the meat trade, working alongside his father, to learn the industry from start to finish. In 1991 Bob trained as a meat inspector and once qualified worked for South Norfolk District Council, and then for the FSA as a Service Delivery Manager for Norfolk.
In 2016 Bob was appointed as General Manager of HG Blake to assist Andrew and the team to develop and grow the company.

John Aspland

Technical Manger

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John has a background in the meat industry. He originally worked and ran a local butchers shop with his father in Norwich. During his career, John has also worked for City College Norwich, where he taught various subjects related to the meat industry, including teaching meat inspection, HACCP and theoretical/practical butchery qualifications.
John is responsible for the technical management of the company to ensure all quality assurance systems are kept to the highest standards.

Brian Debbage

Pork Sales Manger

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Brian is one of HG Blake’s longest serving members of the team. Brian has held several positions from Stockman to Slaughter man to Foreman. After HG Blake relocated to the present site in 1995, Brian joined the Pork Sales team, before being promoted to Pork Sales Manager. Brian’s thorough knowledge of the industry enabled him to work closely with all our producers. Additionally, Brian handles the procurement of livestock, and regularly visits farms to support and advise on how to maximise yields from their stock. Brian also works closely with market traders in Smithfield, through daily contact or visits to the market, together with wholesale establishments to help and support their needs.

Jason Forder

Beef Sales Manager

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Jason with a family background in the meat trade, Jason started working as a Saturday boy within his brother’s butchers shop. An apprenticeship at a local abattoir (JW Fisher) followed, where he developed his skills and knowledge of the industry.
Jason has been the main part of the sales team for numerous years, and ensures that customers are supplied the right quality product for their individual requirements.

Jason Gant

Sales Manager

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Jason has held various positions for HG Blake since 1996 and in doing so gained a thorough understanding of the operation. He is now an integral part of the company’s sales team.
Jason has a background of working in the meat industry, working for local processing plants and retail butchers, and therefore has a vast knowledge of the industry.

Patricia Opie

Accounts Manager

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Patricia is an accounts professional with 30 years’ experience in all aspects of financial control. She has worked for the past 20 years in the wholesale meat industry, liaising closely with both livestock and financial professionals to ensure the smooth financial operation of the business.
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