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Delivering Livestock to H G Blake

Strictly by appointment only.  All deliveries must be pre-arranged by telephone to enable us to schedule a date and time, and provide temporary care, on arrival, for the livestock.


Vehicles used to transport stock should be clearly fit for purpose. Vehicles must be washed and disinfected after delivery either on site, (small charge applies) or back at your farm. All vehicles carrying ‘assured stock’ must be washed on site. Any vehicles not washing on site must complete a Cleansing Declaration, which is monitored by Trading Standards. Please liaise with the Lairageman, if you have any queries.

For specific livestock requirements, please see tabs below.

Contact the sales team, to arrange either private processing or selling to the HG Blake.
You will be allocated a delivery day and time to bring in your stock.

Passport & Food Chain Information
Cattle should be accompanied by the correct Passport and Food Chain information. A model document for FCI can be found at: or use following link

Sheep must be accompanied by an AML1 (license) and Food Chain information. Please ensure holding number is accurate and legible, postcode completed and telephone number included to enable us to register the movement on the ARRAMS portal accurately.

Ear Tags
Cattle must have a valid tag in each ear that match the corresponding passport. Sheep born after 1/1/2015 must have an electronic tag (E.I.D) in one ear.

Contact the sales team, to arrange either private processing or selling to H G Blake. You will be then be allocated a delivery date and time to bring in your stock.


Pig Movement Licence
You should now use eAML2  – the Electronic Pig Movement Licensing System.

Please note the normal type of pigs we expect to see on a licence are Finished Pigs-Controlled. If you have any queries about the correct way to complete forms, please contact the H G Blake Technical Department. Please include a contact number on all licences to enable us to deal with any Licence queries.

To set up your pig movement (eAML2) online, please go to or 
Telephone: 0844 335 8400 / Fax: 0247 669 2405

eAML2 Bureau Service, Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth. CV8 2TL

Slap Marks
Pigs should be tattooed clearly on each shoulder with the slap mark, which should match the information on the corresponding licence. Alternatively, pigs can have an ear tag with the slap number on it.

Livestock Delivery Procedure

1. When coming onto site, please follow the signs to the Lairage, which is to the rear of the factory.

2. If there is a queue, please wait your turn. You will be attended to and unloaded as soon as possible.

3. Report to the lairageman informing him of your load details.

4. The Lairageman will instruct you where to unload and when. Please wait until you have been authorised before unloading.

5. After livestock has been put in a pen, report to the Lairage office to complete the licence and handover your Food Chain information. H G Blake should be left with the white and pink copies of the licence. Please ensure you complete a non-wash declaration if not washing out on site.

6. Please ensure the Lairageman is informed of the destiny of incoming stock that has not been purchased by H G Blake.

Health & Safety

It is extremely important that all lairage gates and doors are properly closed at all times. Escaping animals can be extremely dangerous and we ask that all visitors are safety aware.

Emergency Procedures

In the event of an emergency, the alarm will sound and visitors will be asked to return to their vehicles and stay there until given the all clear.


Please keep dogs in vehicles at all times when on site.

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