Proudly Supplying The Best Quality, Locally Produced Beef, Pork & Lamb For Over 60 Years

A Multi-Species Abattoir based in Norfolk

HG Blake Ltd is an independent family owned multi-species abattoir based in Norfolk. We supply meat wholesalers, retail butcher shops, and offer contract meat-processing to livestock farmers and smallholders throughout the UK. HG Blake source produce directly from East Anglian farmers, and work with them to maintain the highest standards of animal husbandry and animal welfare.

Our Locally Sourced Livestock

Working in partnership with East Anglian farmers, all of HG Blake’s stock comes from farms across the county. Utilising the natural beauty and rich fertile grazing, synonymous with the area for centuries, and marrying traditional grazing with the production of premium livestock. Find out below what stock we supply and how we can help your business.


We have a regular supply of pigs from a number of pig producers in Eastern region and from these, we supply pig carcases, primal cuts and pork trim.


Working in partnership with local farmers, all of HG Blake’s beef comes from farms across East Anglia with full traceability.


Working closely with carefully selected local farmers, HG Blake is able to supply English Lamb throughout the year, which are finished on grass and root crops.

Delivering Stock

All deliveries to HG Blake must follow set protocols abiding to passport and food chain policies. Deliveries are strictly by appointment only. All deliveries must be pre-arranged by telephone to enable us to schedule a date and time, and provide temporary care, on arrival, for the livestock.

Our Dedication to Welfare

Animal welfare is always at the forefront of what we do here at HG Blake. As part of our welfare protocol, HG Blake subscribes to the ‘Five Freedoms’. All staff who deal directly with the animals are highly trained in welfare and handling techniques, with our housing and handling facilities designed to maximise animal comfort and reduce stress.

At HG Blake, We Guarantee Full Traceability To Farm Of Origin With All Of Our Animals

Specialised Cutting Service

As lifestyle changes and increasing demands on meat from discerning consumers have evolved, so to have butchery techniques. Utilising traditional and modern techniques, HG Blake can provide a full cutting services to suit individual requirements – from whole carcases to bone-in cuts, and boneless primal cuts. Contact us to discuss options available to meet the needs of your customers.


HG Blake are proud to display all of our assurances and certifications. From Farm to Table, we can verify where our animals come from with full traceability to farm of origin.

Acoura Assurance
Red Tractor - Assured Food Standards
Soil Association Assured
AHDB Beef & Lamb Assurance
RSPCA Assured
MLC Services Assurance