HG Blake’s English Lamb is sourced from carefully selected local farmers

HG Blake works closely with a select number of trusted East Anglian sheep farmers, who share our values, we are able to offer high quality English Lamb, known for its sweet delicate flavour and tender flesh. Good agriculture, high standards of husbandry and rich fertile grazing ensures the production of our high quality lamb is available all year round.

Our English Lamb is available all year round

Gone are the days when English lamb was only available in the Spring. That said, prime Spring Lamb is available in time for Easter.

HG Blake have constant contact with our carefully selected local farmers, so we can provide accurate information to ensure a quality product. It is our dedication in providing our customers the high quality products HG Blake is known for.

While maintaining the high standards of animal welfare that sets us apart, with full traceability to farm of origin for all our lamb.

Lamb with Heritage

Grazing lamb across marshland pasture has been an iconic sight for centuries across East Anglia. The minimal impact of extensive sheep farming on the environment, has made them a favoured choice for grazing some of the Broads more vulnerable habitats across the year. Pastures remain nutritious and lush throughout the seasons and have become notorious as a region for fattening lambs from all over the UK.

Traceability from Farm to Fridge

Forging relationships with a select group of trusted farmers who share our values has been instrumental in acquiring some of East Anglia’s premium lamb. By using a small number of farmers, we guarantee full traceability of each individual East Anglia Prime lamb back to the farm where it was born and raised. At HG Blake we pride ourselves on only sourcing lambs from local farms to ensure minimal stress and distance to travel to our RSPCA assured facility in the heart of rural Norfolk.

Tender and Flavoursome

With a comparatively mild climate, East Anglia lambs have some of the longest grazing periods for any lambs across the whole of the UK; with many spending the entirety of their lives on Anglian pastures. A mixed diet of naturally occurring vegetation species diet provides a succulent, sweet and tasty lamb, rich in protein and nutrients.

Reared with Care

Our close and regular communication with farmers ensures that lambs are only selected when they have reached their optimum finishing weight and conformation. Our team of expert butchers select lambs to the exact specification; handpicking out the customers required weight, grade and fat class. The combination of a premium, naturally reared product with traditional butchery craftmanship is what gives East Anglia Prime Lamb the excellent reputation it has earnt.

Working with Nature

East Anglia Prime lambs provide a crucial role in maintaining the marshland pastures whilst producing a totally natural, nutritious, and tasty product for our customers. The careful grazing of these meadows creates a habitat unique to East Anglia which are home to a multitude of vulnerable wildlife species. This historic and vital relationship that has been forged between farming and nature is what makes our lamb so special.

All lambs are stamped with the East Anglia Prime Lamb logo to give our customers the confidence they are getting, premium, sustainably produced, and healthy eating lamb from the highest welfare and food safety standards.


HG Blake are proud to display all of our assurances and certifications. From Farm to Table, we can verify where our animals come from with full traceability to farm of origin.

Acoura Assurance
Red Tractor - Assured Food Standards
Soil Association Assured
AHDB Beef & Lamb Assurance
RSPCA Assured
MLC Services Assurance