HG Blake takes pride in only supplying locally sourced British Pork.

HG Blake takes great pride in only supplying locally sourced British Pork. Over sixty years, we have strived to identify and partner with a number of pig producers within the Eastern region who share our values and deliver a superior product. From our trusted, traceable and sustainable source, we are able to supply pig carcases, primal cuts and pork trim.

We work with local farms to ensure the finest pork is produced

HG Blake is proud of its ability to buy pork sourced from local farms. We work closely with the producers, sharing our knowledge and experience gained over 60 years of processing animals to ensure that the finest pork is produced.

Along with the processing of local pigs, such as Blythburgh free range pork, we also offer cutting services to smallholders, parting knowledge and expertise on methods and welfare to maintain the highest quality standards we strive for at HG Blake.

We have a strict selection process for our pork to guarantee quality and consistent results. All our carcasses are individually serial-numbered and slap marks are read and recorded. We use MLCSL classification/grading equipment to provide independent backfat measurement and the lean meat percentage calculations.

Find out more at www.mlcsl.co.uk

HG Blake is a member of the British Quality Assured Pork Standard, part of the British Meat Processors Association. Our membership number is 58. It is renewable annually in July. In order to maintain membership, HG Blake is subjected to a planned annual inspection, and one unannounced inspection each year to ensure HG Blake meets their strict Welfare and Traceability standards.


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Artisan Services

For East Anglia’s growing community of Smallholders and Artisan producers, we can cater for as few as one animal.


HG Blake are proud to display all of our assurances and certifications. From Farm to Table, we can verify where our animals come from with full traceability to farm of origin.

AHDB Beef & Lamb Assurance
RSPCA Assured
MLC Services Assurance
BRCGS Certified
Acoura Assurance
British Meat Processors Association
Red Tractor - Assured Food Standards
Soil Association Assured
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