All of our prime beef is sourced from local farmers across East Anglia

In partnership with East Anglian farmers, all of HG Blake East Anglian Prime Beef comes from local farms across East Anglia. Utilising the natural beauty and rich fertile grazing, synonymous with the area for centuries, and marrying traditional grazing with the production of premium livestock.

Working in partnership with East Anglian farmers

Sourcing cattle direct from local farmers means we can offer our customers the guarantee that our beef is reared on East Anglian farms and therefore we can offer full traceability on all animals from farm to final sale.

East Anglia’s history is steeped in farming heritage and agricultural expertise and has been a well established farming county since before 1750. This is in part thanks to the unique rich grazing marsh-land which has provided East Anglia with some of the best farmland in the country.

All of H G Blake’s prime beef is progressively chilled to 5° C within 48 hours of slaughter to improve and guarantee a consistent product that is tender and avoids such issues as cold shortening. To further our commitment to producing a quality product, we ensure all our ‘East Anglian Prime Beef’ is hung on the bone for maturation, resulting in beef with excellent flavour and tenderness.

We have a strict selection process for our cattle to guarantee quality and consistent results. All our carcasses fall under a weight range of between 260-400 Kg and all are under 30 months of age. All carcases must fall within a minimum MLC Classification O+ for confirmation and between 3 and 4H for fat covering.

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Quality Standard Beef is produced to higher standards than required by law from a supply chain which is fully assured and independently inspected at every stage. The EBLEX Quality Standard beef scheme includes additional requirements, which are above current commercial and legal standards applicable to the production of beef.

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Artisan Services

For East Anglia’s growing community of Smallholders and Artisan producers, we can cater for as few as one animal.


HG Blake are proud to display all of our assurances and certifications. From Farm to Table, we can verify where our animals come from with full traceability to farm of origin.

AHDB Beef & Lamb Assurance
RSPCA Assured
MLC Services Assurance
BRCGS Certified
Acoura Assurance
British Meat Processors Association
Red Tractor - Assured Food Standards
Soil Association Assured
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